Would You Choose Yourself as Your Parent? –


Are children the most beautiful thing in the world?
Is our DNA as amazing as we think so that we must pass it on? Is being a parent a form of authority?
Not all of us are meant to have children, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Each one of us travels towards self-fulfillment on a different path.
The unconscious or conscious decision to become a parent will determine the future of many others if a child who is born from unsuitable parents rises to power, or even sits next to an unaware and malleable child at school. Raising children is one of the greatest responsibilities someone can have. Realizing that some people should not become parents and protecting our civilization is of paramount importance. Societies have imbued humankind with faulty ideas. How could this madness end? Both human nature and science show us the way; why do we activate all our self-deception mechanisms and ignore them both?
There’s still hope, because moral and intelligent people still exist. They will soon be gone though, if we don’t take our share of the responsibility and choose to remain simple observers. History will judge us… and most likely we will be the instigators.

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