The transformation of the wings –


In this poetic collection, I spread my wings around the luminosity of my inner faith and empowerment. My wings open and expand around the wounds of the past and the bruises of thιinking. Αrt and particularly poetry, made me deeply comprehend who I am and what I want to achieve in this life. Our society often irrigates us with tears of agony, anxiety, sorrow, and disappointment. Life is for us to live it. Only when we will start conquering our dreams will we transform our soul. Then, we can fly towards the sun. This poetic collection is a journey. A journey from the shore to the azure sky, with the magical poetry of the words.
“To find out what and why will soon unveil when and how. The finding of answers to the questions which penetrate our lives: who are we, where do we go, what do we desire, made me find many answers on the “what” and “why” after lots of vortexes and ceaseless effort. Now, I build the “when” and “why”. This book is the book of taking action.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 978-618-84937-5-9  Κατηγορία:
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