The politics of foreign language policies, teaching and testing –


This book is a compilation of papers written over two decades and updated for this publication by a critical educational linguist who has played an important role in the language teaching and testing scene in Greece. It has been prepared for foreign language educators, mentors, practicing and future foreign language teachers.

The Politics of Foreign Language Policies, Teaching and Testing

Foreign language education is involved in a complex network of sociopolitical and cultural relations, because language itself does not have merely instrumental value but is embedded in social, economic and political struggles. Therefore, the study of language, of foreign language pedagogy and of foreign language education planning, all have serious political functions and implications. However, the field of language teaching, learning and testing has traditionally been considered as ideologically neutral and foreign language education policies as a-political. This book does exactly the opposite, as it sheds light on the political nature of the discipline. It situates in a sociocultural framework questions linked to particular languages, especially English – the global language and language of globalization, and it theorizes issues concerning language curricula, didactic practices and language proficiency testing with a view to considering their pedagogic implications but also their symbolic and economic dimensions.

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