The Fundamentals of Economics –


The Fundamentals of Economics addresses the needs of those beginning their study of Economics as well as catering to individuals who are seeking to deeper their knowledge of its essential theoretical concepts.
Written in a clear and focused manner, this book offers the student of Economics significant layers of insight and depth, refining their critical thinking.

“The Fundamentals of Economics” has been written as a book to offer a complete and solid introduction to the student of economics. It is designed to offer a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts of the subject but also to afford its reader the opportunity to extend this knowledge further. For students who are following various sixth-form curricula (such as the International Baccalaureate or GCE A-Levels) this book provides an excellent platform for the acquisition of the necessary economic theory and analysis and will challenge them to go beyond typical textbook analysis, in many cases. The author, who has over twenty years of experience teaching within the IB and GCE A-Level environments as well as tutoring undergraduate students, wanted to take a step away from the case-study laden, photographically heavy textbooks of today and write a book that would be both easy to read and thorough in its content. ‘The Fundamentals of Economics’ presents each topic with great precision, using detailed diagrammatical illustrations with a full explanation

The book seeks to offer the student the opportunity to build solid critical thinking and to extend their evaluative skills. It includes some of the lesser discussed areas of today’s economic theory as it is the author’s belief that these are an integral part of the understanding process for any serious student of this social science. Each chapter includes a summary in which key points are revisited.

As a tool for the sixth-form student or for the undergraduate student embarking on their study of Economics, ‘The Fundamentals of Economics’ offers an excellent pillar upon which an understanding of economic theory can be built.

It is a book that can be used comfortably in combination with more course-specifically tailored books, whilst allowing them to be challenged by a greater level of depth and insight.

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