The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the Changed World – A7th International Conference

The economies of Balkans and Eastern Europe countries have almost completed a course of two decades with significant changes in their characteristics and their adaptation in the new economic environment. This course has fore grounded significant difficulties, has highlighted the particular problems that the countries of the particular region should face, and it has led to different sates and patterns of growth and enhancement of the economies.
The objectives of the conference are to discuss and evaluate the results of the economic policy that have been applied during the last two decades, to suspend the prospect challenges and to investigate the policies in the sector of economy which are considered necessary, so that the countries to be integrated getting as much benefit as possible.
The conference topic list includes:
– Economic and Public Policy
– Public Sector Economics ή Public Finance
– Monetary Economics and Banking
– International Economics
– International Business
– Globalisation, Regional Integration with special reference to the EU
– Comparative Economics
– Economic Growth, Development and Sustainability
– Labour Markets and Immigration
– Multinational Enterprises
– Knowledge Economics, management and innovation
– Health Economics, Education Economics
– Poverty, Income Distribution, and Social Inequalities
– Management and Marketing
– Corporate Governance, Finance, Accounting and Auditing
– Business Information Systems and Entrepreneurship
– European Crisis and the Balkans

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