Thassos Naturally – Life on a Greek Island


Two Dutch women give a detailed and full image of life on the green, mountainous island of Thassos in the North Aegean sea. The Thassian inhabitants learned form their ancestors to live in harmony with nature and to use everything it offers so generously. They describe the flora and fauna, the olive culture, bee-keeping, fishing and the manufacture of local products. As they talk with elder neighbours you learn about their hard lives. Music, art, believes and traditional celebrations are not forgotten. Recipes, stories, poems and anecdotes make this book a lively mosaic, and different travel guide. A jewel for all those who have a soft spot for Greece.

Roos Gruwel travelled as a student to south eastern Europe. After her studies in Dutch language and Biology, she worked as a teacher on highschool. When she moved to Thassos with Truus van de Mast (died in 1998), they started a hiking enterprise in 1987. Roos wrote hiking guides in three languages and guided hiking groups for many years. As she learned a lot from the people of the island, she thought this knowledge should not be lost. So came the idea of writing a book about the island. Fortunately Roos met Barbara and together they accomplished it.

At home Barbara Giannakou-Teunissen learned to look beyond frontiers, and as a young girl she wanted to learn foreign languages and travel. During her life on Thassos she liked to listen to the stories of elder people about their lives now and in the past. She admired their life experience and abilities. With Roos they talked a lot about life on the island. Roos’ wide knowledge of nature and Barbara’s writing ability made them decide to write this book about man and nature on Thassos.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 978-618-5246-04-4  Κατηγορία:
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