Financing the Energy Transition – Status and Future Challenge


The present publication inaugurates the brand new scientific series “European Energy Publications”, edited by the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute and published by Eurasia Publications. It constitutes a collective effort to address selected critical issues surrounding the complex environment of the financing approaches for the implementation of the Clean Energy transition in Europe. This endeavour includes the assessment of the energy infrastructure fund allocation, the role of the European financial and investment institutions, the privatization of critical energy infrastructure and networks as well as energy interconnections funding.
EU’s policies on promoting the gradual transition towards clean energy and a carbon-neutral economy aim to create a modern, stable legal environment and set a roadmap on how the EU can stimulate the necessary public and private investments deemed critical to achieve its goals following the Paris Agreement. This publication is set to analyze the aspects that hold a key role in the success of these policies.
Creating the proper investment environment to attract new investments in energy infrastructure is a complex task that spans from the adequacy of the regulatory framework to the proper integration of renewable energy resources and from setting the preconditions for a well functioning internal energy market to the targeted allocation of funds for the construction of new energy interconnections. This publication aims in its seven chapters to present the current status of these important issues and offer a critical view on the elements that provide the frame – work for the successful implementation of EU’s Clean Energy transition policies.
This scientific effort combines the expertise of acclaimed professionals from academia, the industrial sector and various esteemed institutions which have shaped the present and may continue to affect the future of the energy sector in Europe.

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